Short-Term Occupational Projections (2020-2022)

Use this page to sort, search, filter, and export short term projections. To sort the data select the header of the column to sort. Data can be filtered by entering a specific state name, or occupational title. Use "Double Quotes" to search for an exact term. If the table below is empty when a particular state is entered, that state has not yet submitted projections. If a particular occupation does not show up this means there is no publicly available projection for that occupation in the area specified.

The data is also available via REST and Direct Download.

Additional information and resources are available on each State's website, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website. More information about occupational details can be found on the O*NET Online website.

About the Short-Term Projections.

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Area Title Base Projected Change %Change Avg. Annl Openings Sort ascending
California Total, All Occupations 16,710,800 18,589,800 1,879,000
Texas Total, All Occupations 12,855,760 13,968,070 1,112,310
New York Total, All Occupations 8,678,780 10,156,560 1,477,780
Florida Total, All Occupations 8,693,170 9,447,620 754,450
Pennsylvania Total, All Occupations 5,527,950 6,104,070 576,120
Illinois Total, All Occupations 6,354,290 6,266,780 -87,510
New Jersey Total, All Occupations 4,072,450 4,410,200 337,750
Virginia Total, All Occupations 3,744,530 4,009,160 264,630
Massachusetts Total, All Occupations 3,366,030 3,785,260 419,230
Georgia Total, All Occupations 4,804,810 4,917,900 113,090
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